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For Solo Eb Alto Saxophone & Backing Track

Duration: 5' 34"

Written in 2016 for Sean Murphy

The piece is set against the backdrop of a ticking clock. It’s a musical portrayal of someone attempting to wake from a deep sleep, with an ever-increasing sense of urgency, and maybe just a hint of panic…

Notes for performers

The score is laid out with the Saxophone part below the guide track, which contains reference points for the SFX. Timings are given in minutes and seconds and correspond to the Track timing.

  • SFX Guide


The use of arrows is explained on page 1 of the part, but in general, a solid line indicates that the sound effect continues, while a dotted line indicates the duration of the effect.


  • Optional multiphonics


At various points I have marked the addition of optional multiphonics. These are on held notes, where you could introduce either a multi phonic or a harmonic to alter the note. Given the variations in options, I leave this down to you to decide. Alternatively, just play the given note.


  • Timings


The track timings are indicated at the start of each system, which should serve as a useful rehearse aid. Rehearsal marks are placed at various points, simply as a guide , and they have no particular function in regards to the digital playback.


  • ‘Tick-Tock’


From figure 10 onwards, I have used crosshead notes to indicate a ‘tick-tock’ effect. The notes do not represent any specific pitch - You just need to sound like a ticking clock!

Distributor:  Kit Turnbull

Please Note: The score and Digital Playback are sold as separate items in the shop.



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Digital Playback

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