Wind Ensemble


For Wind Ensemble

Duration: 7 minutes

Grade: 4

Commissioned by Hertfordshire County Youth Wind Orchestra, Call To Arms is a continuous work in six sections. Throughout the history of warfare, music and instruments have been used in times of conflict. Whether for morale boosting, battlefield communication or as a means of intimidating opposing forces, music has played a vital role. From the earliest days of drums and horns, through to the more sophisticated use of marching bands, pipes and bugles, music has been an integral part of military life.

Call To Arms was first performed by Hertfordshire County Youth Wind Orchestra, conducted by Nigel Clarke, on 19th April 2000 at Dukes Hall, Royal Academy of Music.

Distributor:  J. W. Pepper


Picc., Fls. 1.2, Obs. 1.2, C.A., Bb Cls. 1.2.3, Bb B. Cl., Bssns 1.2,
Eb A. Sax 1.2, Bb Ten. Sax., Eb Bar. Sax.,
F Hns., Bb Tpts., Trbs 1.2.3, Euph., Tuba,
Timp., Perc.

Additional Notes:

Call To Arms was commissioned for a specific concert in which all works were based around the subject of war and conflict. Since its premiere the work has been performed by a number of Military bands, including Her Majesty's Royal Marines Band, Portsmouth, under the direction of Captain (now Lieutenant Colonel) Nicholas Grace.

As might be expected this is a somewhat exuberant piece which makes full use of the louder dynamics afforded by the ensemble.

It is programmatic in nature, taking the form of the call to arms being followed by the battle itself, before ending with a reflective "aftermath".

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