Wind Ensemble


For Wind Ensemble

Duration: 6 minutes

Grade: 4

Commissioned by the London College of Music & Media for Paul Pattersons 50th birthday concert. A Cryptogram is anything written in cipher, and this piece uses the rhythms generated by the letters P, A, U and L in Morse Code, to form the rhythmic basis of the music.

P  . - - .
A  . -
U  . . -
L  . - . .

Cryptogram was first performed by the London College of Music and Media Wind Ensemble, conducted by Jim Watson, on 3rd December 1997 at St Pauls, Hammersmith.

Publisher:  Faber Music


Picc., Fls. 1.2, Obs. 1.2, C.A., Eb Cl., Bb Cls. 1.2.3, Bb B. Cl., Bssns 1.2,

F Hns., Bb Tpts., Trbs 1.2.3, Euph., Tuba,
Timp., Perc 1.2.3

Additional Notes:

Cryptogram (krip-to-gram): anything written in cipher. Cipher (sifer): a secret code.

After the introduction, the dots and dashes are introduced in their bare form before developing to provide the rhythmic basis for much of the music.

This piece combines rich brass writing, juxtaposed with florid upper wind writing and provides a stimulating piece for an intermediate level band. The finale to the work superimposes both elements for a grand ending.

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