Brass Band


For Brass Band

Duration: 11 minutes

Commissioned by Leighton Rich for Hampshire County Youth Band  May 2003, for a proposed tour of Australia and New Zealand by Hampshire County Youth Band, as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations.


The piece opens with the statement of a traditional English folk tune, The Maid on the Shore, before launching into a driving, rhythmic section which draws upon aspects of traditional Aboriginal chants and rhythms.  The Maid on the Shore returns for the central section of the work, before the Aboriginal rhythms resume, building to a dramatic conclusion.

Hemispheres was first performed by Hampshire County Youth Band, conducted by Alan Pring, at The Anvil, Basingstoke, 5th July 2003.

Publisher:  Kit Turnbull


Eb Sop. Ct., Solo Bb Cts., Rep. Ct., Bb Cts. 2, Bb Cts. 3,
Fg. Hn., Eb Tenor Hns. Solo.1.2, Bb Bar. Hns. 1.2
Bb Trbs. 1.2, Bass Trb., Bb Euphs. 1.2, Eb Bass 1.2, Bb Bass 1.2,

Additional Notes:

In writing this piece, I used two contrasting approaches to depict the northern and southern hemispheres. As the title suggests, "The Maid on the Shore"  tells the story of a girl watching out to sea as her  lover sails away to distant lands, and this seemed particularly apt given that for many, the voyage to Australia was one way only.

With regard to the use of Aboriginal influences, I focussed very much on the use of woodblocks and claves hammering out the tempo, while the brass instruments recreate the sense of perpetual chant that is characteristic of many recorded examples of Aboriginal music.

In terms of standard, this piece would suit most area or county youth bands.

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