Brass Band


For Brass Band

Duration: 7 minutes

Commissioned by Leighton Rich and Hampshire Music Service for Hampshire County Youth Band  Easter 2002, to fulfil a role as a suitable concert opener.

Kinesis is described as,
                                                      "movement, or change of position, under stimulus and with direction not precisely determined."

The piece opens with a bold statement from the timpani which launches into the rhythmically-driven body of the work. The ever-changing sense of pulse and key centre, relentlessly drives the piece forward to its conclusion.

Publisher:  Kit Turnbull


Eb Sop. Ct., Solo Bb Cts., Rep. Ct., Bb Cts. 2, Bb Cts. 3,
Fg. Hn., Eb Tenor Hns. Solo.1.2, Bb Bar. Hns. 1.2
Bb Trbs. 1.2, Bass Trb., Bb Euphs. 1.2, Eb Bass 1.2, Bb Bass 1.2,
Timp., Perc 1.2.3

Additional Notes:

Although commissioned by Leighton Rich for the Hampshire County Youth Band, the timing of the commission coincided with his retirement from Hampshire Music Service, and to my knowledge, this piece was not performed until 2016, when it was programmed by Tom Davoren with the University of Salford Brass Band

The changing time signature is a significant feature of the piece, and as such I would judge that Kinesis is suitable for good county youth bands and lower section bands.

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