Solo Works


For Solo Flute

Duration: c. 5 minutes

This piece for solo, unaccompanied flute was commissioned by the flautist Kate Wilkinson, Wind Fellow at the London College of Music and Media.

The piece begins as the flautist awakes to find, as the title suggests, that they are entirely alone on Earth.

First performed by Kate Wilkinson at Vestry Hall, London College of Music and Media, 13th April 1999.

Distributor:  J. W. Pepper



Additional Notes:

The idea behind the piece was that it would tell the story of the last person on Earth, from an emotional point of view. From the initial moment of realising that you are alone, it gradually dawns on you that you are free to do whatever you want. Initially, the sense of total freedom would probably be quite exciting, but as time progresses, the realisation that you are alone begins to generate an ever-increasing sense of panic. The piece finishes with the performer's realisation that they are totally alone.

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