Wind Ensemble


For Wind Ensemble

Duration: 12 minutes

Grade: 5

Mosaic is an ancient ornamental art form that involves the fitting together of small pieces to form a larger design. The opening movement of this work contains a number of short musical statements based around the interval of a tritone which are used both melodically and harmonically in its construction.

The second movement serves as a contrast to the outer movements, employing a simple four note motif as the central melodic theme.

The final movement sees a more lyrical development of the opening motif combined with the restatement of many of the musical fragments used in the works construction.

Publisher:  Studio Music


Picc., Fls. 1.2, Obs. 1.2 (2nd dbl. C.A.), Eb Cl., Bb Cls. 1.2.3, Bb B. Cl., Bssns 1.2, CBssn,

Bb Sop. Sax., Eb A. Sax., Bb Ten. Sax., Eb Bar. Sax.,
Bb Tpts., F Horns, Trbs 1.2.3, Euphs. 1.2, Tubas 1.2,
D. Bass, Pno., Timp., Perc 1.2.3

Additional Notes:

As I was beginning the process of writing Mosaic, I went to a village here in North Yorkshire (Aldborough) which has two Roman mosaic pavements still in their original position. The artistry which has gone into them would be breathtaking at any point in history, but the fact that they are somewhere in the region of 1700 years old is quite hard to take in.

The piece is not based on any actual piece of artwork, but the process of "assembling" mosaicwork was my starting point for this work.

Mosaic employs a large ensemble, although the scoring is generally quite light, particularly in the middle movement.

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