Solo Works


For Solo Euphonium & Backing Track

Duration: 6 minutes

Written in 2002 for Linda Merrick (clarinet) and Philip Mead (piano).

Originally written for Clarinet, this version for Euphonium was adapted for David Thornton.

Nightwalker depicts a descent into nightmare. The Euphonium assumes the role of the dreamer, with the CD providing the soundworld of the nightmare itself. Wind, thunder, and lightning are intertwined with ghostly footsteps, bells ringing, various forms of wildlife, and a whole host of other sounds in what is a light-hearted take on the whole genre of "horror".

The score is laid out with the Euphonium part sandwiched between the guide track which contains reference points for the SFX, and an outline of the original piano part.  Timings are given in minutes and seconds and correspond to the CD timing.

First performed by Linda Merrick (clarinet) and Philip Mead (piano) at Vestry Hall, London College of Music, October 2002. Nightwalker was re-arranged into its current form for subsequent performances, with the piano part incorporated into the CD soundtrack.

This version for Euphonium was first performed by David Thornton at the New Zealand International Brass Festival, 22nd September 2012, Wellington Salvation Army Hall, Wellington, NZ.



Backing Track

Additional Notes:

8va options - Bars 34, 103 & 114 - 117 contain optional octave options. Where possible, the upper octaves should be played.

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