Chamber Works


For Clarinet Quartet

Duration: 7 minutes

Written in 1997 for the Pipeworks Clarinet Quartet, this five movement work explores the organ music associated with black and white films, circuses and shows.

I - The Chase
Represents the type of music written for old black and white silent movies. I have tried to depict a classic chase scene as in the Keystone Cops or a Harold Lloyd movie.

II – The Clown (after the show)
Again, taken from silent movies, this is based on the idea of the sad clown. He must be seen to be happy by his audience, but as soon as the show finishes, he becomes sad and lonely again.

III – Carousel
This represents the type of organ music used on a carousel ride at the fair. The ride gradually gets more and more out of control, before finally breaking down at the end of the movement.

IV – Harmonium (requiem for a carousel)
The three Bb Clarinets play a chorale-like movement, underpinned by a somewhat quirky bass line, mourning the demise of the carousel.

V – Curtain Music
The show is over, the lights are up and the audience are leaving. Having said this, it would be nice if the audience could stay until the piece is finished!

Pipeworks was first performed by Pipeworks Clarinet Quartet (who took their name from the work) at St Marys Church, Ealing, January 1997.

Publisher: Queen's Temple


Bb Clarinet 1.2.3

Bb Bass Clarinet

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