• Kit Turnbull

The Golden Sabre - Updated errata list - 15.01.2020

Here is the current list of errata for The Golden Sabre.

Kapitol Promotions have been informed of these and will publish them in due course for bands competing in the 2020 Regionals, but I thought it might be helpful to put them up here as well, given that a fairly substantial number of sets have gone to bands who are based abroad.

Bb Solo Cornet 3.4


A natural should be an A flat

Percussion 1

Last 2 bars

Timpani notes should be B flats, not B naturals

Percussion 1

b257 (bar before CC)

Timpani E natural should be an E flat

Bb Cornet 2

b258 (CC)

beat 1 - The slur should be from the D flat to the E flat (matching Bb Solo Cornets 1 & 3)

Bb Euphonium 2


Tied quaver should be a D natural, not an E natural

Bb Solo Cornet 3.4, Bb Repiano Cornet, Bb Cornet 2


Dotted minims should have accents

Many thanks to those who have taken the time to let me know about these issues. They have all now been corrected in the print masters for the A4 score and parts.


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