Solo Works


For Solo Clarinet & Backing Track

Duration: 3.40

Originally written as the 2nd movement of 'Three Cautionary Tales' (Bb Clarinet & String Quartet​), I decided to re-imagine The Mermaid's Pool as a solo work with digital backing track.


Using a core of string samples along with flutes and a range of sound effects, the backing track recreates the scoring of the accompaniment, allowing a soloist to play along.

The solo part (available below) has a 'guide' stave that hopefully allows you to work out where you are and the rehearsal marks (as per the original) have timing marks so you can navigate your way around the track.

Although written for Clarinet, I am working on a number of different versions / transpositions so that various different instruments could play the piece. There is nothing about the writing that restricts it to a Clarinet, so hopefully a few people might try this!

The backing track is available as a free download from Soundcloud

The PDF solo parts are available as  free downloads below. As I get more done, I'll keep adding them.

Many thanks for having a look - I'd be interested in any feedback, particularly on how it works with regard to balance of the backing track.

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